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  • Moored to the Continent?

    Future Options for Britain and the EU
    Mark Baimbridge

    Is there an alternative to EU membership? What if Britain left the EU? Would it be a disastrous or liberating experience? What trade relationships could the UK forge outside the EU? How would economic and social policy be different? What are the implications for sovereignty and democracy? This text seeks to answer these questions.

  • Britain In a Global World

    Options for a New Beginning
    Mark Baimbridge

    This edited collection explores the future options for the UK regarding its relationship with the European Union (EU). the effective choice Britain possesses is between an essentially European future or a comprehensive global strategy. Contributors include: Ruth Lea, Matthew Elliott, Patrick Minford, Ian Milne, David Lascelles.

  • The Sarkozy Phenomenon

    Nick Hewlett

    In this short book the author argues that the Sarkozy phenomenon is best explained by principal reference to the notion of Bonapartism, which of course has a long history in French politics.

  • Balancing Act

    National Identity and Sovereignty for Britain in Europe
    Atsuko Ichijo

    This is a careful examination of the historical formation of Britain and of key moments in its relations with the European powers. The author looks at the governing discourses of politicians, the mass media, and the British people.

  • Alarming Drum

    Britain's European Dilemma
    Peter Morgan

    This book examines the UK's relationship with the European Union, together with a scrutiny of global strategic prospects. It covers topics such as economy, military and demographic developments.

  • Great Immigration Scandal

    Steve Moxon

    This book outlines the events that led to the decision that the author could no longer participate in a policy that appeared to be at odds with the intentions of Parliament. This book includes an analysis of the relevant scholarly literature in demography, economics and psychology.

  • Referendum Roundabout

    Kieron O'Hara

    A lively and sharp critique of the role of the referendum in modern British politics.

  • Throne in Brussels

    Britain, the Saxe-Coburgs and the Belgianisation of Europe
    Paul Belien

    Offers a history of the monarchy of Belgium, a country artificially created in 1817.

  • Who's Afraid of a European Constitution?

    Neil MacCormick

    In this short but authoritative book, the nature and purpose of the European Constitution are explained by someone involved in its preparation.

  • Rape of the Constitution?

    Keith Sutherland

    This text is compiled of essays critical of the Government's handling of constitutional reform in relation to Europe, Westminster and devolution.