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Works involving Keith Sutherland

  • A People's Parliament/A Citizen Legislature


    Two essays, printed back to back in a single volume, offer complementary solutions to the democratic deficit in Britain and the USA.

  • Party's Over

    Blueprint for a Very English Revolution

    This book examines the historical forces that gave rise to the modern political party and questions its role in the post-ideological age. If we all now share the liberal market consensus, then what is the function of the party?

  • Volitional Brain

    Towards a Neuroscience of Freewill
    (Edited by)

    The puzzling status of volition is explored in this issue by a distinguished body of scientists and philosophers.

  • Rape of the Constitution?

    (Edited by)

    This text is compiled of essays critical of the Government's handling of constitutional reform in relation to Europe, Westminster and devolution.