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Works involving Gordon Graham

  • The Hope of the Poor

    Philosophy, Religion and Economic Development

    Is economic development the best hope for the world's poor? This book aims to add a philosophical dimension to the debate about this question. The author argues in favour of replacing quantitative assessments of wealth and poverty with a qualitative account of the ways in which human lives can be enriched or impoverished.

  • Universities

    The Recovery of an Idea

    Using some themes of Cardinal Newman's classic The Idea of a University as a springboard, this extended essay aims to address the problems of modern universities.

  • Institution of Intellectual Values

    Realism and Idealism in Higher Education

    This is a revised and expanded version of the much praised short book Universities: The Recovery of An Idea.

  • Case Against the Democratic State

    An Essay in Cultural Criticism

    We are now so familiar and accepting of the State's pre-eminence in all things that few think to question it, and most suppose that democratic endorsement legitimizes it. The aim of this book is to present a compelling argument against both presumptions.

  • Scottish Philosophy

    Selected Writings 1690-1950
    (Edited by)

    This collection of readings, the first of its kind, has been chosen with a view to displaying the variety, richness and strength of the Scottish philosophical tradition.