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Works involving Ivo Mosley

  • In the Name of the People

    Pseudo-Democracy and the Spoiling of our World

    Are our 'democracies' truly democratic? In the Name of the People examines the myth of modern democracy and finds it wanting. The various oligarchies of the world blame the madness of modern life on the greed and stupidity of ordinary people: this...

  • Democracy, Fascism and the New World Order


    Democracy is not a universal good, it is a political system, and like all political systems it is open to corruption. The word ‘democracy’ means ‘rule by the people’, not rule by a simple majority. To achieve rule by all the people, it used to be...

  • Dumbing Down

    Culture, Politics and the Mass Media
    (Edited by)

    This text is a compilation of essays on changes in culture and the media and the dangers of their...