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Works involving Yannis Androcopoulos

  • In Bed with Madness

    Trying to make sense in a world that doesn't

    Globalism endowed us with McDonald's, 'the world’s local bank’, English football teams without English players and an irrepressible desire for more as enough is never good enough – the blanket is always too short. Our personal world as much as our...

  • The Future of the Past

    From the culture of profit to the culture of joy

    Universalism in its old forms has, just like door-to-door milkmen, gone for good. But the search for some universally accepted ethical standards cannot be abandoned – values are not colourless as the wind and odourless as thoughts. Looking into our...

  • The Greek Inheritance

    Ancient Greek wisdom for the digital era

    The culture of ancient Greece, a culture of joy, was replaced by the Judaeo-Christian culture of faith and then by the capitalist culture of profit. Yet it is the only culture worth fighting for if we want a world run by humans rather than...