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Works involving Frederick Steier

  • Humberto Maturana

    Reflections on Bringing Forth Worlds
    (Edited by)

    This volume is grounded in a deep appreciation of the rich and cohesive constellation of ideas developed by Humberto Maturana which, taken as a whole, can be understood as a biocultural matrix of human understanding.

  • Mary Catherine Bateson

    Compositions in Living Cybernetics
    (Edited by)

    This collection of essays from authors representing a range of disciplines from anthropology to design to creativity and spirituality, as well as transdisciplinary perspectives that are at the heart of cybernetics, honours Mary Catherine Bateson's life and work.

  • Gregory Bateson

    Essays for an Ecology of Ideas
    (Edited by)

    Gregory Bateson's work continues to touch others in fields as diverse as communication, ecology, anthropology, philosophy, family therapy, education, and mental/spiritual health. The authors in this special issue of Cybernetics & Human Knowing celebrate the Bateson Centennial.